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Septic tank: We provide a pumping service from 250 gallons and up on pumping out septic tanks and holding tanks.we provide the installation of new tanks as well as removing the old ones. Our trained experienced staff go above and beyond to assure you of any septic issues or repairs. We also install septic fields to filtrate your septic system.These septic system fields consist of a distribution box that distributes the liquid to the septic fields through preferated pipes over gravel or septic galleys which are egg shell shaped plastic containers that rid the liquid sewage.

Here at Miller´s Minutemen Construction we understand that septic repairs can be expensive and cause a big mess.We  will find a solution within your budget to bring your septic system back to life.

We provide residential and commercial pumping services and installation.

General Excavation: We excavate from clearing lots for new development, digging foundations to specs,and excavating for water and sewer lines to homes and buildings.We  offer residential and commercial excavation to suit builders and home owners needs.We have the rite equipment for the rite jobs, from bull dozers, backhoes, and loaders to excavators pavers and compaction rollers.We have plenty of equipment for jobs big or small. We offer Hauling services with tri-axle dump trucks or small ones for delivering material needed for jobs such as item 4, bank run, gravel, fill, and topsoil.We also remove the material to complete the job. We also provide power tools such as jackhammers, Power saws, chainsaws and chippers to make our job easy and to satisfy your needs.

Blacktopping: If you need blacktop for a new driveway or parking lot we are the company for you. We have a commercial paver that will pave a driveway from 9 ft wide up to a commercial parking lot.Our experienced workers go above and beyond to make your driveway or parking lot look brand new with no hassle and done in a quick manner. We do everything from ripping old blacktop to installing needed material such as item 4 underneath and a binder course which is a base coat blacktop to support heavier vehicles.We have heavy industrial rollers which compact up to 15 tons of compacting pounding pressure to insure your driveway does not move or separate.

Emergency services: MIller's Minutemen Construction offers a wide variety of emergency services, we know unpredicted issues are last on your list. We offer 24/7 power snake or power jetter service for blocked sewer septic and drain lines. We also have hand powered snakes and devices to unclog a blocked bathtubs or sink lines. If a broken water line is your problem we have the right tools to fix the problem no matter what day or time, with industrial pumps to relieve the flooding and tools to turn the water off while repairing. We also install sump pumps in basements for water problems.

We offer free estimates, and are fully insured and bonded.